About us


Bokeh Capital Partners LLC was founded with the mission to add value for our clients through active management of the investments entrusted to us. To achieve this, we use technology focused investment strategies coupled with our core vision and values. When Bokeh Capital Partners succeeds, all stakeholders, clients, employees, service providers, and our community will also benefit.


To be a trusted partner to our clients and a respected leader in asset management.



We are privileged that our clients consider us to be a part of their trusted team. We treat each client with respect and transparency while assisting them in achieving their goals.


We strive to achieve excellence every day in all that we do, with a culture of continuous improvement.

Long Term Vision

We use strategies which are based upon long term vision, driven by our daily pursuit of operational excellence.


We act with integrity with our clients’ best interests in mind.

Professional Environment

We strive for a workplace environment that provides opportunity for growth and improvement in a culture of accountability.


Our employees are our most treasured company asset, and we exercise respect, honesty, and humility towards one another.

Commitment to Community

Bokeh Capital Partners is committed to community. A portion of our revenue will be used to assist local non-profits operating in the communities in which we conduct business.

What is Bokeh?

A photography term describing the blurred background in a picture. It serves to focus attention on the subject matter of the photo. Our investing style sees the whole investing picture but focuses on growth – the driving force of the market.

Good Ideas

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