Our multiple strategy approach to investment management provides a flexible, coherent and integrated set of options to address your investment needs and goals.

Our strategies have these common characteristics

Growth At a Reasonable Price (GARP) bias
US publicly traded, well-capitalized companies
Concentrated Positions / Long Only
Companies with a market cap over $1B
Tax efficient strategies, utilizing tax loss selling to offset capital gains
Strategic cash deployment with opportunistic buying and selling
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Bokeh Sector Neutral Strategy

  • A Lower Risk investment strategy than the Technology-Focused Strategy
  • Sector Weightings approximate those in the S&P 500
  • Our goal is to outperform the S&P 500
  • We focus on overlooked companies with potential for productivity gains

Technology-Focused Strategy

  • A Higher Risk investment strategy due to high concentration in technology companies
  • Includes an Options strategy
  • Utilizes our GARP methodology with an increased risk/return bias
  • Overexposure to technology sector companies

Bokeh Dividend Strategy

  • Designed for clients desiring passive income (dividends) but seek more growth than in a typical dividend strategy
  • We focus on companies paying high dividends AND that have catalysts for growth
  • Sector weightings are independent of the S&P 500

Custom Strategies

  • A custom, in-house “Private Label” strategy developed for existing investment advisors
  • Based upon the core characteristics of the Bokeh investment methodology
  • The desired client risk/reward balance determines the composition of each custom portfolio strategy

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