Bokeh Strategic Services combined with the following turnkey back-office infrastructure services

  • Equity, Bond, Options, ETF, Mutual Fund Trading
  • Daily Trade Reconciliation
  • Quarterly and Periodic Report Generation
  • Tax loss sales, minimizing tax obligations

You can focus on:

  • Differentiating yourself from your competition
  • Maintaining and growing your independent practice
  • Managing and growing your client relationships
  • Your core competencies

Proprietary Sub-Advising

  • Bokeh Sub-Advising services that are provided as a “Private Label” offering for your clients. 
  • Our expertise, your investment solution!

Strategic Services

Initial, periodic and/or ongoing market and investment analysis to assist you in developing and supporting your ongoing investment strategy.

  • Portfolio Review – In-depth, independent analysis/review of a clients investment goals and their alignment with current/future portfolio composition.
  • Investment Recommendations – Fact-based opinion of client investment goals and the directives to achieve those goals.
  • Market Commentary – Overview and/or deep dive into past, current, and future market conditions, including fact-based supporting analysis.

At your discretion, this may also include the selection and timing of your stock purchases and sales.


Asset Management

Bokeh’s Active Management expertise has been refined over 2 decades of pragmatic investment experience.  Our in-depth proprietary analysis combined with our real-world industry experience provides unique and insightful perspectives of the companies in which we invest.

We balance management of your assets with monitoring risk, all with a tax sensitive mindset to protect your assets.

We appreciate the value of each clients assets and the desire to grow your assets in a responsible way.

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