The Bokeh Management Team brings over 100 years of combined experience in investing, banking operations, financial management, operations, and technology solutions. The result is a team that has vast professional and industry experience and more importantly, has successfully managed through many business cycles.

Kim Forrest - Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Kimberly Forrest

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Ms. Forrest founded Bokeh Capital Partners LLC assuming the role of Chief Investment Officer.  Her unique perspective comes from her wide range of skills developed over the span of two successful careers, finance and software engineering.

William Forrest

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Forrest is Chief Operating Officer and a founder of Bokeh Capital Partners LLC.  He brings over 30 years of technology based management and operations expertise to the company.

William Johns

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Johns had a 35-year career in banking that was spent primarily at PNC Bank. He has returned from early retirement to serve as the Chief Financial Officer at Bokeh Capital Partners LLC.

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